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  • "I am extremely excited about the potential this program has to change the face of education and long term futures for children and adults across the country. Action Reading is the solution to illiteracy."

    Charles Smith, President, Montgomery Council of PTA, Montgomery, AL
  • "With your program, my son is now a fluent reader and loves to read. I recently got his standardized test scores back from last year. In 2nd grade his score for reading was 35, reading well below "grade level". His 3rd grade score was a whopping 99! This is one more proof your system really works. Thanks again."

    Lynelle, CA
  • "After only 5 weeks and about 20 hours of tutoring, the students improved dramatically. For the first time, they were independent readers, reading poems, recipes, short stories, and newspapers. They were no longer guessing at words but sounding out letters, blending and combining sounds as they'd been taught. Their TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) post-test scores averaged 5 grade levels higher than their pre-test scores."

    Janet Stoeppelmann, Project Challenge High School Dropout Program
  • "We have taught 5 primary children and 1 adult to read with this program... It's a fantastic Program"

    Richard, WA
  • "I am a teacher and bought your program a couple of years ago to use in my classroom. I am a dually certified special education teacher / elementary school teacher. I really love and believe in the concepts and the truths that you teach. I wish I had it years ago to use. Thank you it has been a gift from the LORD. Thanks again"

    Linda, AZ
  • "My boys ages 9 and 12 have just finished your Action Reading Program as part of an intensive home schooling effort. Their amazement at their increased understanding and effortless reading is a pleasure to see. With very little supervision from me, the boys took themselves through the program in just 6 weeks. Thank you so much for creating the most effective, effortless, FUN way of learning to read at a price people can afford."

  • "Action Reading is an admistrators dream. The program cost is almost nothing after the school has bought the kit; and the students learn to read better. Also it seems that Action Reading has helped the students have better word attack and spelling skills through out their elementary school years."

    Chester G Anderson, Principal Cottonwood Creek Elementary
  • "I have used your Action Reading with my 7 year old and now with my 5 year old with GREAT SUCCESS. People are constantly AMAZED at the reading independence of our children. And at times they refuse to believe this was done at home."

    Les, NJ
  • "I started my oldest she was 5, we completed the program and she can now read everything. When people see how well she reads they are amazed."

    Amy, FL
  • "I have taught in public schools for 5 years and have an undergraduate degree in early childhood education, yet I have never encountered a systematic reading program as effective as Action Reading"

    Martha, ME

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